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Covid-19 in USA

Covid-19 analysis and forecast.

Jens Röder

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what is the tend of the Covid-19 epidemic USA?

Covid-19 in USA

A very heterogeneous picture has developed in the USA: The development in the USA shows a very extended linear phase. This means that the number of infected people per day has been high for a long period, rather more than a month than just a week. The background is that there are waves of infection in the various regions of the USA, all of which have a temporal offset. These regions also go through a wave of infections each for its own, so it was certain that these regions are separated. This is special for a large country like the United States. In Russia, in spite of its personal size, this is not observed. Like each region is developing, can be seen here from the local data .

Forecasts are therefore viewed more regionally. How long this linear trend will continue for the USA as a whole has not yet been developed. The number of new infections per day has not changed much for more than a month and has decreased during that time from around 30,000 to 22,000 infections per day. it would have been expected numbers to drop well below 10,000 per day.

The graphs are update daily.

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