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Covid-19 in Russia

Covid-19 analyis and forecast.

Jens Röder

2 minutes read

which trend of the Covid-19 epidemic can be seen for Russia?

Covid-19 in Russia

The course of the number of cases in an infection in the form of a S curve that is stretched at the last end. Russia has crossed the turning point and the numbers of infections per day is clearly decreasing.

The infected data of Russia are scattered far less than it has been observed in many European countries and appear to be well recorded. Nevertheless, the previously advancing death curve has been reestablished as a following curve, once the turning poing had stabilized. The delay is on May 31 about -15 days. This value is expected to change. Using the -15 day delay, the case fatality rate is to be expected around 2%, which is significantly lower than in other european countries or USA or China.

How the rate is calculated can be found here.

The graphic will be updated.

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day numbers of 2020date
8020 March 2020
9030 March 2020
1009 April 2020
11019 April 2020
12029 April 2020
1309 May 2020
14019 May 2020
15029 May 2020
1608 June 2020
17018 June 2020
18028 June 2020


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