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Covid-19 in Brazil

Covid-19 analyis and forecast.

Jens Röder

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which trend of the Covid-19 epidemic can be seen for Brazil?

Covid-19 in Brazil

As in other warm countries, there is also a clear relationship of the doubling time in Brazil that is of 9.5 days of the cululative number of cases. This means that the wave of infections is a very big one that will stretch out in a long arch. Its end extend into December or beyond. The current course of the curve is still in the fast, purely exponential phase. The data points follow the expected values very closely except for a weekly fluctuation of ±2%. Until the turning point is, all forecasts are with very large errors and are only of very good value for the next 10 days. Under careful measure, it can be assume that the numbers of Brazilia clearly extend those of the United States.

How the rate is calculated can be found here.

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day numbers of 2020date
8020 March 2020
9030 March 2020
1009 April 2020
11019 April 2020
12029 April 2020
1309 May 2020
14019 May 2020
15029 May 2020
1608 June 2020
17018 June 2020
18028 June 2020


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