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The great political figures have been calling for the New World Order for many years. A who’s who of world history. The big dreams are clear: a world government, a world currency, a world religion. If it weren’t for the nation states and the freedom-loving people with their national identity. In the sense of the New World Order, all of this is superfluous, only leads to conflicts and unequal treatment. All of this is best to disappear, the differences are to be resolved, the wealth is to be distributed: from this, the ideal of communism, to which around 100 million people have already fallen victim in the last century, speak more than in the two world wars combined.

Covid-19 comes in handy. Fear can lead people to have them vaccinated by law if necessary. Usually, it’s a medical intervention that requires the patient’s consent. But then of course you can no longer ask him and he loses his basic rights to be able to say no. So that we can check whether he has been vaccinated, digital vaccination passes will soon be offered, which will be transplanted under the skin as an RFID chip. All of this is then praised to people as a digital identity, and most of them will join in like sheep out of fear and thus enter the modern form of slavery. It will be an orwel slavery from which there will be no liberation. Without the RFID chips, you will no longer be able to travel, shop, work or go to school.

It all sounds like something out of a horror movie, but we will see how the noose around our freedom’s neck will close and slowly tighten. The steps will be small at first, then become more and more visible. We are in a time of great change that is greater than anything that was there before. 8 billion people need to be controlled and controlled. The beginning is made with the fear that enables people to voluntarily give up freedom.

Therefore, pay attention to these topics, forced vaccinations that come as a rescue of Covid-19, digital vaccination certificates, digital identities and RFID chips.

The following are some external videos on the background of the topic:

This becomes particularly clear with the project: Digital Identity Alliance ID2020 , which wants to assign a digital ID to everyone in the world. This is nothing more than the continuation of the Facebook and CO projects to digitally record and identify all people, which comes with harmless questions on Facebook whether you would know this or that person:

Companies such as Facebook and CO thus rise above the sovereignty of states, because they are ahead of the respective states with the methods for verifying identity and those will then use this “service” because they cannot progress otherwise, especially when it comes to identification, e.g. of migrants. Anyone who does not correctly state their identity on Facebook will be banished immediately. Pseudonyms that may serve self-protection are no longer permitted. Anyone who criticizes the system will be banned from all linked systems (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube, etc.) and may lose their business basis without specifying Reasons because these companies are not a rule of law and can choose with whom they want to do business with.

Also interesting in this context is the exercise “Event 201” , which is a cooperation between the Bill & Melina Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the Johns Hopkins University, which today provides the central corona numbers:

The fight against fakenews played a central role:

For whom that is too long, just watch the short end:

Here is a good analysis from Chris Martenson with a review of possibilities of artificial virus creation:

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